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5 thousand years before the birth of Christ, the Egyptian civilization developed in the Nile River basin of Egypt!  In ancient times people depended on agriculture.  Therefore, where crops were abundant, people settled;  And this is how the riverine areas became prosperous towns!  As Egypt was located on the banks of the Nile River, an advanced civilization developed there.

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Introduction History and Geography of Egyptian Civilization:

Egypt is located on the Nile River basin in Northeast Africa.  To the north of the country is the Mediterranean Sea;  The Nubian desert in the south, the Red Sea in the east and the Libyan desert in the west!  The world’s longest Nile River flows from the south over the desert!  The river flows about 4,000 miles over the lowlands and finally merges into the Mediterranean Sea.

Although the central region of Africa receives a lot of rain;  There is no rainfall in Egypt!  In other parts of Africa during the summer when rainwater flows down the Nile;  Then the river quickly swells and floods occur.

As a result of flooding, the soil in the valley region becomes moist and fertile silt.  Thus Egypt became a fertile land from ancient times;  and became habitable.  The area of ​​ancient Egypt was less than 10 thousand square miles!  Egypt’s special geographical position makes the country a center of world trade.

Characteristics of Egyptian Civilization and Egyptian Civilization:

1.  Social Status of Egyptian Civilization:

In Egyptian civilization – social classes were formed based on power, religion, bureaucrats, peasants, laborers and slaves!  The head of the society was the royal family.  And;  Below him were priests and feudal lords.

Again below him were scribes, artisans, farmers;  And at the lowest were the serfs and laborers.  Land slaves were the subordinate class of the society and other classes were free.  So it can be said;  Caste discrimination existed in the society of ancient Egyptian civilization.

2.  Political Status of Egyptian Civilization:

The king of ancient Egypt was called pharaoh.  The king claimed to be descended from the gods;  And the power of the king was absolute!  Among the famous kings of Egypt were Batmose I, Batmose III;  And the names of Ramesses II and Ramesses III are particularly noteworthy.  The priestly community of the temple had considerable wealth.  As a result;  Their influence and prestige in the political field increased enormously.

3.  Describe the economic conditions of the Egyptian civilization:

Agriculture was the mainstay of the ancient Egyptian economy.  There was feudal system of production.  That is;  The serfs did the agricultural work and the Munibs enjoyed the produce.

Even the masters used to torture the slaves.  The land of Egypt was more fertile due to the flood of the Nile.  Therefore;  A large quantity of wheat, barley, onion, vegetables etc. were produced there.  The king or ruler of Egypt was the owner of the land.

4.  Religious Description of Ancient Egyptian Civilization:

The social life of the Egyptians was governed by religion.  They believed in reincarnation.  Therefore;  The corpse was mummified.  Variations in their religious life can be observed!  They are in tombs and temples, necessary furniture, weapons, ornaments, jewels;  He provided various types of food and drinks.  Totem belief existed among them!  They used to identify their tribe by the name of a plant or animal.

5.  Architecture of Egyptian Civilization:

In ancient Egypt, art flourished.  The signs of the extreme development of architecture and sculpture in the Egyptian civilization are;  Pyramids and Temples of Ancient Egypt.  These structures are still standing today.

6.  Writings and Literature of Egyptian Civilization:

The language of Egypt was Semitic.  A significant contribution of the Egyptians at that time was the invention of the writing system.  Based on religion, the Egyptians made important contributions to literature!  Education was considered very important by the Egyptians!  365 days make 1 year, 12 months in 1 year and 30 days in 1 month;  It was invented by the Egyptians.

7.  Science and Astronomy of Ancient Egyptian Civilization:

The Egyptians had a considerable origin in the field of knowledge.  They were well versed in mathematics, geometry, trigonometry, astronomy and medicine!  They acquired engineering skills to build pyramids and temples.  At first they reckoned the year in terms of lunar months.  But;  Later years began to be counted as solar months.

Among the ancient civilizations, Egyptian civilization was one of the pioneers in science, education, civilization and new discoveries.  However;  It is also true that behind the Egyptian civilization is the unforgettable contribution of Niles!  Ancient Egypt is called the Donation of the Nile because the agricultural system flourished in the Nile basin.

Decline of Egyptian Civilization

The nobles of Egypt used to give huge estates to their benefactors and infidels.  As a result they become ambitious and powerful.  They all dream of agreeing.  Due to this, internal disturbances started and trade decreased.  Thus, by the end of the reign of the Twentieth Dynasty, the Egyptian Empire had weakened and was first annexed by Babylon and later by the Persian Empire.  Later, Egypt went under the control of Macedonians, Romans, Arabs, Turks and English.  Then, as a result of many sacrifices, movements and struggles, when the British troops were removed from the Suez Canal, under the leadership of Colonel Nasser, Egypt fully established itself as an independent and sovereign state in 1956.

Ancient Egyptian governance

The influence of the priesthood is clearly observed in the ancient Egyptian regime.  The king of Ekchhatra, the ruler of Egypt, claimed to be the son of the sun god Ra and ruled the kingdom as his (i.e. God’s) representative.  The title of the kings of Egypt was Pharaoh or Pharaoh.  The word pharaoh is derived from “per a” (meaning great house or royal family).
The pharaoh ruled the kingdom according to divine authority and ancient laws.

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Pyramids of Egyptian civilization

Around 2100 BC, a king named Khufu built a huge stone pyramid with the help of 100,000 (one hundred thousand) artisans and workers over 13 acres of land in the desert, located a few miles south-west of present-day Cairo.  It is 755 feet in length and 481 feet in height.  2.3 million Egyptian pyramid stones were used in its construction.  Each stone weighs two and a half tons and the built pyramid weighs 38,83,000 tons.  Historian Breasted said about the pyramid, “The famous pyramid of Giza stands as a signature of human history.  clearly proclaims the triumph of a human sovereign power over inanimate power.  The European historian added, “We were not at all superior to the technical innovation of Egypt before the invention of the steam engine.”

Religious History of Egyptian Civilization

Religion had an immense influence on every aspect of the life of the ancient Egyptians.  Not only in governance or priesthood, but also in economic, social and cultural life, the reflection of religion is seen.  In fact, the Egyptians were the first among the ancient nations to practice religious beliefs.  The name of the main god of the Egyptians was ‘Aman-Re’.  The name of the god of Niles was Osiris.  Cats, crocodiles, bulls, certain birds were also revered.  In their religious life the influence of ‘ba’ (soul) and ka’ (kaya) was greatest.  After death, ‘ba’ again took refuge in his ‘ka’.  Thus they believed in the immortality of the soul and the afterlife.  Without a body, the soul could be deprived of God’s presence, so they prepared mummies with aromatics and chemicals in a scientific way to preserve the body.  Tomb pillar pyramids were built to preserve mummies intact through the ages.  To renew their deep faith, they used to leave various food items along with the dead body beside the grave.  They also believed that after death one had to face a judge called Osiris to give an account of life.  Those who are righteous and pious will be sent to ‘Hell’ as their reward and sinners to ‘Hell’.
He expelled the priests from the temple and declared the worship of gods and goddesses prohibited.  He bears the name Ethnaton.  Then, when the priesthood took the form of extreme despotism, around 1375 BC Emperor Amenhotel IV preached the doctrine of ‘Eton’ or monotheism.  Thus, he was the first to gain the glory of the founder of the principle of monotheism among the ancient Egyptians.  Later, about 600 years later, the Jews revived this doctrine.

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