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About Switzerland:

Switzerland is a famous country in Europe.  A view of Pahar River is the main attraction of the country with its endless natural beauty.  Switzerland is one of the top countries in terms of quality of life.  Switzerland is very important because of world trade, diplomacy and headquarters of many international organizations.  Many people want to live here because of its beautiful nature and developed urban life.

If asked where do you want to go with your loved one on honeymoon?  Most will turn north towards Switzerland.  Surrounded by France, Italy, Germany and Austria, this country of dreams is the land of the Alps.  Not just snow-capped mountain peaks, Switzerland has sparkling blue lakes, magnificent valleys draped in vast green carpets, and fairytale-like lake shores.  When you come to visit this country made by nature in the lap of four countries, you will feel like you are not only visiting one country, but you are traveling to several countries.

In the midst of so much diversity, so much beauty, the culture of Switzerland is also eye-catching.  If you turn the pages of history, the historical culture of Switzerland’s Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne and its capital Bern will be seen first.  Every year, many tourists visit Switzerland, leaving footprints and bringing back golden memories.  If you are thinking of going to Switzerland, exploring the country, then this article is for you.  Let’s take a look at some of the country’s great destinations that will be on the top of the wish list when traveling to Switzerland.

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The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn is one of the highest peaks in the Alps.  Located on the Switzerland-Italy border, the breathtaking beauty of this mountain can rob you of sleep at night.  The first expedition to the Matterhorn was a nightmare since the early days of man’s hobby of climbing the 4,478 meter or thirteen and a half thousand feet high mountain.  On that day in 1865, all four trekkers who participated in the first expedition lost their lives prematurely by falling from the summit.  Now every summer many experienced trekkers trek the Matterhorn.  Just below the Matterhorn is a small village called “Zermatt” where the Swiss government has banned all types of motorized vehicles to preserve the environment.  There are also great resorts and wonderful restaurants.


Known as the highest point in Europe, Jungfraujoch is basically a hill station.  The most popular train journey in Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland is the one up to Jungfraujoch. Situated at an altitude of around 3,454 meters, this hill station has a separate mountain observation room from where the vast panoramic landscape can be found within the eye’s reach.  Trekking to Switzerland’s famous Valley Luoterbrunnen also starts from here.  Europe’s longest glacier, the Great Eletsch Glacier, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also located in Jungfraujoch.  Some of the great treks in Switzerland like Faulhorn, Grindelwald, Eiger Trail, Wetterhorn start from here.  For those who are into less active trekking, there are cable cars.

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Interlaken is one of the tourist attractions in Switzerland, bordered by Lake Thun to the west and Lake Brienz to the east.  Known as the gem of urban planning, Interlaken has about 35 acres of open land from where you can see some great peaks like Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau. Interlaken is called the paradise of alpine trekking.  Mountain climbing, hiking, trekking, paragliding, skiing, lake kayaking – what not to do here!  Interlaken is the perfect place to spend a beautiful summer weekend.  There are a total of 45 mountain trains to Interlaken from other parts of the country, the train journey is also a memorable trip. Interlaken is called the paradise of alpine trekking.  Mountain climbing, hiking, trekking, paragliding, skiing, lake kayaking – what not to do here!  Interlaken is the perfect place to spend a beautiful summer weekend.  There are a total of 45 mountain trains to Interlaken from other parts of the country, making the train journey a memorable one.


Close your eyes and think of a huge lake of blue water lapping in the mountains, a clear sky alley without motorbikes built by the lake, a city full of historical buildings.  Surely the picture has been painted in your mind by now? Aesthetically speaking, Lucerne is famous for its annual grand international concert.  Every year world renowned singers, writers, composers and special orchestra lovers gather here.  The main attractions of the city are the “Chapel Bridge” which was built in the 14th century and the “Lion Monument” which is a dead lion in the form of a tribute to the Swiss Guards who lost their lives fighting the Tuileries during the French Revolution.  There are also “Swiss Transport Museum”, “Lake Lucerne” etc.

Lake Geneva

Geneva is a small city on the border of Switzerland and France.  Geneva is another beautiful city, on top of that it is home to the world’s largest alpine lake.  The lake is named after the city, Lake Geneva. It’s hard to believe you’re on Earth on a balmy afternoon as the snow-capped peaks of the Alps fall into Lake Geneva.  Geneva is known as the capital of peace in European countries.  You will never get lost in the crowd of parks, resorts and historical buildings built on the banks of the lake.  It is said that the entire city of Geneva is a tourist destination.  You can understand the beauty of this city located at the foot of the Alps.

St. Moritz

Switzerland has hosted the Winter Olympics twice.  But more surprisingly, the venue for those two Winter Olympics was not at sea level, but at about 1,800 meters above sea level in St. Moritz, one of the world’s mountain destinations. Glassy lakes, snow-covered walkways, alpine forests and high altitudes make St. Moritz  Another tourist attraction.  St. Moritz has two parts, one on the top and the other on the bottom.  The upper part is called St. Moritz Dorf and the lower part is known as St. Moritz Bad.  St. Moritz Bad has Lake St. Moritz, and staying there is also cheaper.  As the height increases, the price of everything increases there.  In winter, tourists here are engaged in skiing, skating, snowboarding, bobsledding, while in summer the main focus is hiking, biking, water sports, glacier skiing, etc.


It is not possible to come to Switzerland and visit its capital.  The “River Ere” flowing through the heart of the Swiss capital Bern and an old world feel to the whole city is enough to fall in love with this city.  Rich in museums and art galleries, the city of Bern is a must-see for art lovers. The most impressive art gallery here houses all the masterpieces of a famous painter, the gallery named after him “Zentrum Paul Klee”.  Also worth a visit is the “Bern Museum of Art”, the local market located next to Parliament Square.


Let’s end with the story of the biggest city in Switzerland.  Zurich is a unique name in the Swiss transport world.  This huge city standing on the shores of Lake Zurich, formed in the basin of the Limmat River, is usually at the top of the choice of tourists coming to Switzerland. If you want to enter Switzerland by water from any foreign country, you must come through Zurich.  So the tourists start their trip to Switzerland from Zurich.  A stroll down the Oligley in Zürich’s “Old Town” is home to over 50 museums and over 100 art galleries.  If so much culture is practiced in a city, you can understand how lively Zurich is as a city.

After visiting all the museums, old historical buildings and art galleries of the main city, board the train from the city to “Utilberg Mountain”, the whole city will be captured in one glance.

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Although Switzerland is located in Central Europe, the country is not part of the European Union.  The official name of the country is Swiss Confederation.  The capital of Switzerland is Bern, but well-known cities include Zurich and Geneva. Its size is very small, Switzerland has an area of ​​41,285 square kilometers.

Switzerland’s neighboring countries are France, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Liechtenstein.  There are 4 official languages ​​German, French, Italian and Romance.  The main language spoken in Zurich, the largest city, is German, and French is spoken in Geneva.  According to a recent survey, 64 percent of Swiss people speak German.  But beyond all these languages, the popularity of English language is increasing day by day.

Switzerland is a peace-loving country, always in the top three for quality of life.   The currency of Switzerland is Swiss Franc.

There is no sea here, the country is surrounded by land on all four sides.  Although not a sea, Switzerland is the source of several of Europe’s major rivers.  The Rhine River and the Rhone River are among these.  Apart from this, the country has 7 thousand lakes.  The water in the natural reservoirs is so clear that almost all the rivers and lakes are directly drinkable.  Apart from all these natural beauties, Switzerland is the world famous country of watches, trains, chocolate and cheese.

The picturesque villages are sparsely populated, with 80 percent of the population living in cities.  Several cities in the country are at the top of the most expensive cities.  The cost of living is very high and the standard of living is also very good.  A typical 3-room house rent in Zurich is about two thousand rupees, though not much compared to the country’s facilities and income.  Because their average monthly salary is 5 to 7 target rupees.  Also, there is no unemployment.  Many foreign nationals live in this country because of better life and higher salary.  About one-fourth are from other countries.

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